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The Oregon Right to Know campaign is a grassroots, volunteer-driven effort that has supporters in cities across the state of Oregon. Voters from all walks of life support Oregon Right to Know including: farmers, tribes, moms, educators, doctors, food producers, scientists, nutritionists, gardeners, birders, restaurateurs, child advocates, conservationists, and many more.

  • Whole Foods announced that all products in its North American stores that contain genetically modified ingredients would be labeled by 2018
  • Chipotle made the decision to voluntarily disclose the presence of GMO ingredients in their menu items
  • General Mills recently said they would stop using GMO ingredients in their iconic Cheerios cereal
  • Many grocery store chains, including Safeway and Kroger, have stated they will not sell genetically modified salmon

One of the most vocal opponents of these GMO labeling measures was actually supportive of GMO labeling abroad. Monsanto touted its support of GMO labeling in the U.K., by running ads in the late 1990s that read: “This is to inform you about the use of biotechnology in food. Monsanto fully supports UK food manufacturers and retailers in their introduction of these labels. We believe you should be aware of all the facts before making a purchase.”

A victory in Oregon this November will send a strong signal to the food industry that shoppers value transparency and the right to know whether the food they purchase has been genetically engineered.

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