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Voter Frequently Asked Questions

When is my ballot due?
You have until 8pm on Tuesday, November 4.

I didn’t get my ballot. What should I do?
If you haven’t received your ballot by October 21, 2014, call or visit your county elections office.

My ballot got destroyed or damaged. What should I do?
You can get a new ballot from your county elections office. Bring your damaged ballot with you.

I made a mistake on my ballot. Can I correct it?
You’ll need to get a new ballot from your county elections office. Bring your old ballot with you. Do not mail it in.

When is the last day I can mail my ballot?
Most people feel safe to mail their ballots up to three days before elections (Saturday, November 1.) If you live in a rural area, allow extra time.

Do postmarks count?
No, your ballot must be received by 8pm on Tuesday, November 4.

Where can I drop off my ballot?
You can mail your ballot or you can visit your local dropsites. You can find a list of those sites at www.sos.state.or.us/dropbox.

How can I know if my ballot was received?
You can call your county elections office or visit www.oregonvotes.org and click the “My Vote” icon. It may take a few days for county elections and www.oregonvotes.org to process receipt of your ballot.

Am I registered to vote?
You can check to see if you’re registered at the Oregon Secretary of State’s website, at www.oregonvotes.org. Click on the “My Vote” icon.

County Election Office Phone Numbers
•    Clackamas: (503) 655-8510 / TTY (503) 655-1685
•    Deschutes: (541) 388-6546 / TTY 1-800-735-2900
•    Jackson: (541) 774-6148 / TTY (541) 774-6719
•    Lane: (541) 682-4234 / TTY (541) 682-4320
•    Multnomah: (503) 988-3720
•    Washington: (503) 846-5800 / TTY (503) 846-4598


Overflowing ballot boxes or other reports of election concerns should be directed to the appropriate County Elections office.


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