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During the summer of 2016, congress passed legislation referred to as the "DARK Act" (Deny American's the Right to Know) which among it's ill advised provisions, blocks states like Oregon from passing their own laws with regards to GMO labeling. This provision has regrettably brought an end to our efforts to pass a GMO labeling law here in Oregon.

While some still argue there are no adverse health effects from the genetic modifications themselves being done to our food supply – there is zero doubt about the adverse effects and risks GMO crops present to humans, animals, and the environment as a whole, due to the heavy pesticide use and monocultures they bring with them. GMO crops are currently being grown in the state of Oregon and across this country in the open natural environment where their effects environmentally and economically will cause damage for generations to come.

No one knows what kind of labels the DARK act will ultimately provide as the government has years to define the rules, but un-readable QR codes and 1-800 phone numbers – tools to obfuscate and hide what's actually in the food you are purchasing – are undoubtedly part of what is to come. Enforcement of these future rules won't even happen for multiple years after the rules eventually get defined.

This leaves education as our only tool. We knew it was an important tool all along, but it's now our sole pillar to stand on and ask all of you to stand with us, help us, in educating our fellow citizens. We've had the benefit and pleasure in this effort of working with many organizations that have a broader purview than just requiring GMO labeling, so as our effort comes to an end, we'd encourage you to look to these wonderful groups for continued information on GMO labeling and the future of our food supply.