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  • Measure 92 Debate Tonight at 6 PM at OMSI

    Join supporters of Measure 92 at a debate sponsored by the Portland Tribune tonight at 6 PM at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. The forum, sponsored by two...

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  • Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich in Portland on Wednesday and Eugene on Thursday!

    Dennis Kucinich, former Congressman and Presidential Candidate, and his wife Elizabeth Kucinich, Policy Director at the Center for Food Safety, will be in Portland on Wednesday to support Measure 92....

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  • Eugene Register-Guard Endorses Measure 92

    It’s an information void that supporters of Measure 92 hope to fill in the Nov. 4 election. The initiative by Oregon GMO Right to Know would require manufacturers, retailers and...

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  • Medford Mail Tribune Endorses Measure 92: Food Labeling Measure is a Reasonable Step

    Opponents of Ballot Measure 92, which would require the labeling of food sold in Oregon that contains genetically modified organisms, want to make the measure about the unproven health effects...

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  • Oregonian: GMO labeling would cost consumers $2.30 per year

    Read the original article by Clicking Here.  For a link to the Consumers Union study, Click Here. Requiring labeling of products containing genetically modified ingredients would amount to a median cost to consumers...

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U.S. companies already label genetically engineered food in 64 other countries.

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Oregon farmers support labeling because it makes it easier to tell their traditional crops from genetically engineered crops.

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The long-term health effects of genetically engineered foods have never been studied.

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The same chemical companies that genetically engineer food made DDT & Agent Orange and claimed they were safe too.

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Supporters of Measure 92

Join the Oregon Nurses Association, Friends of Family Farmers, and many others in support of Measure 92. For a full list of supporters click here.

  • “Foods derived from genetic engineering should be labeled, both because consumers have a right-to-know what they are eating and to identify any potential health problems that may arise from consumption of such foods."
    Michael Hansen
    Consumer's Union, Senior Staff Scientist

Why label genetically engineered foods?

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